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Eye Exam

Many people think an eye exam is just about checking for a change in their prescription to determine if they need new glasses or contacts. In fact, an eye exam at Vision Source is about much more, detecting not only prescription changes, but also potential eye conditions and other serious health issues, including diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

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During your eye exam, a Vision Source optometrist will look at the following three things:

1: Visual Acuity & Optics

A Vision Source optometrist will begin by looking at the health of your retina (using the results from your Optomap scan, where available), as well as examining your lenses, irises, corneas and pupils in order to assess any possible vision issues.

2: Eye Coordination & Visual Perception

In this stage of your eye exam, we'll look at how well your eyes work together as well as how they process visual information, such as objects, shapes, colours and depth.

3: Ocular Health Assessment

Many forms of eye disease have no symptoms until later stages of the disease when it's often too late. That's why an ocular health assessment is so important, allowing our optometrists to get a full view of the health of your eyes and detect any potential conditions or diseases you might have.

Ensure your eyes are healthy and disease free. Get an eye exam at a Vision Source near you.

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