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4. Custom Fit Technology


The Vision Source Experience

Custom Fit Technology

At Vision Source, after our optometrist has carried out a complete eye exam and helped determine what lenses meet your vision needs, we can then help you find the perfect frames or contact lenses. We'll also use current eyewear technology like our i.Terminal® 2 and Medmont Custom Contact Lens System (where available), to make sure your new eyewear fits comfortably and correctly.

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i.Terminal 2 Fitting Device

Created by ZEISS, one of the world's leaders in lens technology, the i.Terminal 2 is an electronic fitting device that ensures that your glasses will fit comfortably and correctly.

Available at most Vision Source locations, the i.Terminal 2 takes over 20 personalized measurements, looking at things such as the:

  • Natural curvature of your face
  • Distance between your eyes
  • Frame position along your nose
  • Natural movement of your eyes


Topography Guided Custom
Contact Lens System

If you haven't had success with generic contact lenses in the past, or you have an eye condition that requires custom contact lenses, Vision Source can help with our custom contact lens technology (where available).

Our Corneal Topography Systems allow us to: 

  • Take over 9600 measurements
  • Accurately scan your corneas
  • Detect additional vision issues
  • Create customized contacts


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Find out how Vision Source's custom eyewear fitting can help you.

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