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Vision correction is a general term used to describe a variety of optometric techniques for correcting less-than-perfect vision.

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Common Vision Correction Procedures

Below are brief descriptions of some of the most common vision correction procedures that are offered by local Vision Source optometrist (where applicable). Please note that some locations do not offer each procedure. To learn more, book an eye exam at a Vision Source location near you.

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Corneal Reshaping (Orthokeratology)

Orthokeratology is a procedure for correcting nearsightedness and mild astigmatism. It involves gently reshaping your cornea using special contact lenses that you place in your eyes overnight.

After the procedure is completed it will allow you to experience clear vision during the day without contact lenses or eyeglasses. Unfortunately, the results are only temporary, but by simply wearing the lenses each night, many patients are able to see clearly during the day without requiring corrective eyewear. 


If you're nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, you may benefit from LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis), a surgical procedure that uses a laser beam to reshape the cornea.

While millions of patients have seen successful results from LASIK, the procedure isn't necessarily right for everyone. To find out what type of vision correction is right for you, speak with your nearest Vision Source optometrist.

Low Vision Therapy

Low vision is a general term that refers to a partial loss of vision that can't be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses, medications or surgery. Some common causes of low vision include macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, inherited retinal diseases, glaucoma and optic nerve atrophy.

Low vision therapy usually involves an evaluation of your visual abilities, after which you'll be prescribed specific training devices that are designed to strengthen your existing vision. The goal is to maximize your available vision for reading, writing, hobbies and intensive tasks, such as working at a computer.

If you require low vision therapy, our Vision Source practices have the experience and equipment that can help you. 

For additional information on eye health or to book a complete eye exam, visit a Vision Source near you.

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